luke hollis

Vergil Eclogues
A Conversation with Transom Journal
Transom: When translating ancient texts, some translators try to use language that evokes ancientness, while others attempt to make that writer sound contemporary to our ears. You seem to take a middle path with your casual use of contractions and elevated language like “Hail, dread Hekate.” How did the ancientness of these texts influence your translation decisions? Hollis: Perhaps no Hellenistic poet is so keenly strategic and intentional with dialect as Theocritus. In the multiplicities and variations of dialect throughout his work, there exist the paradoxes and juxtapositions that...
Moholy Nagy
Looking back to the Bauhaus
For all our thoughts about geometric abstraction, Mondrian, and grid theory as applied to modern web design, it’s been equally as helpful in recent years to contemplate Albers, Moholoy-Nagy, Itten, and others involved with the Bauhaus. If you haven’t come across the Bauhaus before, it was a school of fine arts and design that was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by the architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus was created with ideals of making art that was informed by myriad diverse and disparate forms of art, including everything from architecture to ceramics, metalworking to theater. It’...

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