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A Semiological Dictionary Inspired by Roland Barthes
View relata: a Semiological Dictionary inspired by Roland Barthes at relata (“related things”--or more literally, “things that refer back [to an origin]”) seeks to visualize the semiological potential contained by a word, acting as a descriptive definition of word usage in corpora mined from three primary sources--webpages indexed by Google, tweets, and Reddit comments--and fluctuations in meaning for the target word between these sources. In his Elements of Semiology, Barthes describes the basic properties of the signifier as the following: "The nature of the...
Four Weeks of Archaeology in Rural Sicily
Crimson light flooded the balcony windows as the 6 A. M. June sun rose behind the silhouette of Etna. The kitchen table in the dig house bustled with an eclectic group of researchers, volunteers, and budding archaeologists from scattered origins in Europe and America. Fresh from the stove, two aluminum espresso pots steamed on clay tiles and filled the air with the rich, acrid scent of coffee. After breakfast, we loaded ourselves, the GIS surveying equipment, and water bidone into the back of two rental cars to start digging for the day before 7:00 AM. For the last four weeks, we...

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